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I adore fashion and I understand its language, but fashion and style are different.  

A stylish woman has an image that is individual and empowering.  I am an empathetic advisor who understands that clothes aren't only a practical necessity and a source of creative enjoyment, but also a form of personal expression that can be tied up with a lot of complex emotions.

Many women come to me because they have had a life change, moments that can be marked by image crisis. They are aware that fashion can help them look - as well as act - like confident grown-ups who enjoy life no matter what it throws at them. They know that clothes can be transformative, but they don't necessarily know how to make their image work for them. I do.

By taking you through the consultation process of wardrobe management, personal shopping and styling I can help you build up a more confident style that is unique to you and really works.  I call this a 'style character'.

As my client you can be sure I will take care to get to know you, understand what makes you tick, and develop an image that is the best version of you.

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