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I have a passion for menswear because it has a subtle visual language with a vocabulary all of its own.

Men go through the same life stages as women when they become image stale. For many clothes become a dull necessity or a kind of uniform.  I help men to enjoy their image and up their game.


After their consultancy they tell me that they suddenly love clothes, but don’t feel or- more importantly - look overly preoccupied by them, which is what most men want. 

A man’s consultation often starts with wardrobe management, where together we remove dated, ill-fitting and worn clothing.


I then focus on personal shopping, selecting the right retailers and tailors to create a look that feels appropriate, well-fitting and up to date.

How to play with and break sartorial rules and make it all look effortless is an art that my clients young and older often need help with.

Together we will create your own 'style character' with a wardrobe that works in both professional or private life.

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