"Anne's skill is in tackling your dressing hang-ups:  if you think you hate shopping, she's there to help.


Anne promises that after a session with her, getting dressed will become stress-free -  even a joy.


Her skill lies in making you look effortlessly chic without worrying too much about trends."

Hannah Shuckburgh, Easy Living Magazine

Lisa Bove - Leadership Development Consultant

"Anne put together several really great outfits from items I already had – I was impressed.

And even more so when two complete strangers told me how wonderful I looked in them."

"The really wonderful result is that she has rekindled in me an interest in clothes that has been in abeyance since my husband died.


I now approach my wardrobe with enthusiasm, thinking maybe today I could risk the lime-green sweater with a purple scarf.

So thank you Anne Hamlyn."

Lynn Barber, The Observer Magazine

Bridget de Milne-Dowsett - Charity Fund Raiser

I love her low key approach and her absolute deep understanding of how clothes enhance a woman. I have used her three times and will use her many more in the future.

"It really hit me when I spent the day with Anne. My self-image was wrapped up in feeling how bad I looked and it affected every part of my life.


I was a total wallflower and felt worthless.

Anne made me see that I'm attractive and deserve to wear nice clothes like everyone else. I've wanted to change the way I felt inside and I've done

that 100%."

Michelle Dewberry, Glamour Magazine

Richard Graham - Company Director

​Anne made the whole process a pleasure. I have emerged into the world a new man with many, many compliments about my new clothes which I wear with real joy.

"If you're hiding your hair colour all the time, you're a slave to it.


But you still need a really good stylist, someone enthusiastic about your grey.


I always divorce a hairdresser when they start talking about dye!"

Anne Hamlyn, Easy Living Magazine