When I have a lunch or dinner meeting with clients. I never know what to wear to dictate the level of smartness. When I need to attend formal meetings where I want to give a professional and feminine confident image but without looking like I have put too much thought on the outfit


I love the clothes! Anne did an absolutely amazing job.


I feel much more confident and can feel myself walking taller. My colleages, boss and clients have all complimented me on my new look and I feel as though I'm now considered to be a mature career woman.

It's been brilliant for me to see that looking sharp, smart and professional actually means showing off my figure more, not covering it up.


Now I look more together which is really important for helping my clients put their trust in my abilities.


I haven't been happy with my weight and with that comes my wardrobe - something to admitedly hide in, not show me off. I'm losing weight but my clothes need to catch up with me! Can I be out with friends or just at home and wear outfits that make me smile and give me some definition?

I couldn't be more thrilled and will follow all of Anne's advice from now on.

Suddenly looking in the mirror and seeing shapes is super.  Going through my wardrobe with Anne I've realised how monochrome my choices have been and how that's allowed me to become invisible.


More colour, less fabric, and heels! Not too high, but enough to change the way I move and hold myself - for the better!

My friends say I seem more alive, more me, and for the first time in a long time, I look forward to choosing something to put on. Anne has opened up so many possibilities for me.