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I'm Anne Hamlyn. I have a unique way of thinking about people's image, their bodies and their clothes.  I trained as a sculptor and have both a masters degree and a PhD in visual culture.  

I think about clothes and image from every angle! I'm fascinated by the psychology of attire plus I'm a fashion and textiles obsessive. I want to share the thrill that a fabulous garment can give, and the sense of empowerment that a great look can achieve.

Fashion has a history and a language, style is an instinct ... an attitude.  The style I create for you is made out of empathy, aesthetics and a whole heap of knowledge. I've dressed men and women from all walks of life, developing a reputation for making individuals look exactly that... individual.

I'm here to give you impartial advice and help you define what it means to have personal style. I won't push my own taste or style onto you.  I won't entice you to spend money on clothes you don't need and I won't make you buy the latest must-have fashion item because I'm on commission.

What matters is not where you get your clothes or how much they cost, but how you look and feel in them.

So take a look around this website, get a feel for what I do, and please do get in touch if you think I can help you.

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